Email Template Module - How to use

Hi, I am new to mendixx and my simple use case is I want to send an email from my mendixx application to the user So just followed the below link. After completing this I just got an error – Please configure a value(16 characters) for the 'Encryption.EncryptionKey' constant in the Encryption module first. So please to solve this issue.  
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You just need to set a 16 character key for the EncryptionKey constant in the Encryption module in the App Store modules folder of your Project.

You can do this locally by setting it in the module (not recommended), or by going into your Settings, editing the current configuration, selecting the Constants tab, and clicking New. You should then be able to find the constant and set it.

When you deploy, it will be in your Constants settings for the Environment.

Hope this helps


I have set up the Encryption key. After Completing that I am able to do Server configuration.