SAML 2.0 throws Error:: saml20.implementation.SAMLFeedbackException: Unable to initialize the SSO configuration since the SP Metadata cannot be found at saml20.implementation.common.SAMLUtil.getMetadataConfig(

I try to create a Fresh Applicaton, database is Empty, added the SAML module with preconditions, set the After Startup Microflow to the one from the SAML Module.When the workflow is executed this error is thrown, seems like the Service Provider related data (this App) is not present. No home page, nothing appears The browser is redirected to some funny URL ending with: openid/login?ret=index.html I though the Config Page will appear where all this data can be set, now it seems like the workflow already expects some to be set  
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Hi Bela, 


Do you already have another AfterStartUp flow? Keep that one, and make the one of SAML part of that flow (as a subflow)

See if it works…