How to place the label of a textbox above the textbox?

Hi all, maybe a dumb question, but I just can´t figure out how to solve this problem. I want the label of a textbox to be placed above the textbox, like in the left textbox in the image shown below. The first textbox and label (“AUFNR”) was generated automatically when I created the new page referring to an entity. When I added the second attribute (“MATNR”) from the same entity in a textbox inside a dataview the label is automatically placed on the left side. Till now I couldn´t find any option in the properties menu to change the position of the label. I created the app in the Mendix Studio. Right now I use the Mendix Studio Version 2.0.716 / Mendix Version (that´s what the “about” section says, unsure which one to name in the dropdown menu for the mendix studio version) Many thanks in advance for every answer!  
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Check out the form-orientation of the dataview:

Set it to vertical and the label should get on top.