Refresh of data grid of scheduled microflows to show running microflows does not work

I have downloaded the MicroflowScheduler appstore module and need to do some customizations. The requirement is to show a refreshing list of scheduled microflows ordered by the next scheduled date/time and indicate running microflows in the various queues (1-5). I added a Running boolean in the entity Schedule, created an overview page with a datagrid and refresh time of  5 seconds. Also I customized the microflow that processes the schedules, added a change schedule to set the Running Boolean to true, just for the call to the scheduled microflow and changed the Running boolean back to false after the scheduled microflow has finished. Both changes have the commit and refresh in client set. My problem is that I never see the Running boolean set to True in my page and I am running out of options. I have checked the forum and was pointed to a timer widget, but I have no idea where to put that widget in my data grid and which microflow/nanoflow I should call.  
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The microflow timer widget should be placed somewhere on the page (I usually put mine at the top so I know that there is a timer widget on the page).  It should call a simple microflow that commits and refreshes an object in order to cause your page to refresh.  This object can be any object on the page.  You can also use the Microflow Timer to call the microflow that refreshes your queues, so you don’t have two microflows.