failed commits at the end of microflow

Hi All, I have a problem with my data manipulation. I have a product with characteristics. During the flow multiple times I create a characteristic that I connect to the product. Then I change the product to connect to retrieved characteristic templates. The product and the characteristics list are committed at the end of the flow. When I test this no characteristics or characteristic templates are associated with the product. With the debugger the entities are filled with the correct information until the end of the flow. I already checked the module and project rights and they are correct. Anyone an idea why these commits fail? Greetings 
2 answers

Are you getting any errors in the console?

Are all needed associations set? Sometimes there are many associations and you miss one or use the wrong one.

Are there any Before/After Commit events that may change data?


In these situations, I would normally check in the database by cross checking if the committed items really exist in database. If it does not exist, then it means the commit did not happen.

While debugging, if you see items, it means it is in cache and not necessarily persisted to database. Sometimes if the transaction fails with errors, then the entire changes will be rolled back too. 

It might be good to check the following too:

  1. If items are not committed in database, then check why it is not committed. Any errors that rollback’s the entire transaction. Or any other scenario that is reverting the commits. Like after create or commit. 
  2. If the items are in database, then see if there is a dataview that must be refreshed.