Timezone entity / Day Light Savings issues

Hi, In our app we are using the System.TimeZone entity (rawoffset attribute) to create a time in the users timezone… All was working fine until Daylight Savings Times kicked in. It would appear that the timezone table remains static through (I’m sure with good reason) My question is, is there any function / method for doing this programatically? I don’t want to have to flag which countries have DST and check the dates to see if DST is active each time… For example: We’d like a cut off time of 4:30pm in the users timezone so we store that as a non localised value i.e. 2020-07-07 16:30:00 UTC So for the user we create a cut of date based on their timezone e.g. Spanish User not in DST date would be 2020-07-07 15:30:00 UTC (GMT +1) Spanish User in DST date would be 2020-07-07 14:30:00 UTC (GMT +2) The later is not happening as it doesn’t appear to take DST into account...   Hope this makes sense?  Help much appreciated
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Have a look at the FAQ for datetime in the docs.mendix.com: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/datetime-handling-faq#1-introduction

Your question gets a very practical answer in section 8:

I Really Need to Run Scheduled Events at 02:00 Local Time, Always! How Do I Do This?

Currently, you can work around this issue by scheduling 2 events that are running at 02:00 in both DST periods. In the Microflow you can check what DST you’re currently in and either execute the rest of the Microflow or not.

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I experienced Daylight timing issue in Mendix 9.1.1 but this issue got fixed in 9.21.0.

Not sure about other greater version from 9.1.1