How to get rid / edit Popup Design/Layout?

Hey all, When I go to create a pop up, there is an area that borders the pop-up and contains the page title and close button that id like to get rid of / edit.  As you can see in the attached photos, both my layout and structure view are empty but this area is still present in design view..I have outlined it in red in the photo attached. Thanks in advanced for all the help! Arshia   Layout: Structure View: Design View:
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The Page Title you have circled represents the popup window header.  I am not sure if you can get rid of that – maybe someone with more css experience than me has some ideas about how to do that.  

Update – just did a bit of research.  Seems like the title bar of a popup is visible or not based on browser preferences (set by the user) and many modern browsers don’t support hiding that title bar.