Pushnotifications onReceive/onOpen actions not firing

Hi all, I have a question regarding pushnotifications. According to the following docs: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/mobile/native-remote-notifications It should be possible to configure an action on tapping a pushnotification, while also passing an object as a parameter. We made the pushnotifications work however the configured onReceive/onOpen actions never fire. I also noticed that the docs mostly refer to the PushNotifications (online) widget and not the Notifications (offline) widget. The only mention of the Notifications widget on Native apps is in the docs about LOCAL notifications. Can anyone confirm that configuring actions is actually possible in combination with pushnotifications in a Native mobile application?
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Hi Gustavo,

I fixed the issue by doing the following:

Make the changes to your android manifest file from the following docs page:


If you did that and it still does not work, make sure that the security for your “NativeNotification” entity are set properly.

You will need create rights and read/write rights for the notificationGUID.


I hope this helps!