How to register by entering header and details (1:N) on one screen

Hi,everyone We are using Fiori to build a system that runs on SCP. Is it possible to input the header and details linked with 1:N on one screen and pass them as an argument of Microflow? The image I envision has a header entry field at the top and a tabular statement entry field at the bottom. I've tried various things but I don't have a good idea so please help me. I think my English is a little difficult to understand, so please forgive me. Thanks, Kyono
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Hi Takanobu,

It is possible to show a header and a list of details on one page.

Your header object should be the Page parameter for a Dataview and in the dataview you place a listview for your details object (over association). Your user could add extra detail objects to the header through an button with a microflow.

It is not possible to pass the header object and the list of detail object at once in a microflow, but you can pass the header object and your first action in the microflow would be a retrieve by assocation to get the list of detail objects.

Hope this helps.