Scheduled automated delivery of reports

Hi team, We have a requirement for automated scheduled delivery of custom reports we may create using chart controls. User can define schedule for every report alike every Monday 9 AM and system should deliver snapshot of that report by email. Sharing a URL ( from another platform as reference point. Pls. advise for any out of the box approach? Thanks, Deepak
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Hi Deepack,

As Ronald suggests, you can us a microflow from a scheduled event. However there are some limitation the for the content of PDFs that can be generated in a document , especially if it comes to custom styling and visualizations like the charts widgets. In that case you could consider using the Templator service from the App Store

Cheers, Andries


Scheduled events are supported by Mendix. So create a microflow that checks the setting of the user and when it is in the timeframe of the user generate the report and mail it.

Just start building and if there are running into problems edit your question with the info where you get stuck.