Where does the POST data from a xas post come from?

We are trying to automate a testscript in JMeter for loadtesting. Login is working succesfull and we receive the object data and page data. But at the next page some XAS posts are done with a queryId. This queryId is different, each time you load the page. But we cannot find the origin of the queryId: where does it come from since it is not present in the received data? When a static value is used, a 403 error is received. In the logging the following error is noted: [APP/PROC/WEB/0]   ERROR - Connector: com.mendix.webui.WebUIException: Attempt to illegally change a value for object with id '<objectid>' (PROCESS_Xx.Xx). Object hash is invalid! Does someone has a clue where we can find these specific values? Or some documentation on how the pages are built with Mendix? Thank you!
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As others have pointed out it is not easy to get these query ids. As they are internal Mendix technology they are not documented anywhere and are frequently changed by Mendix R&D as part of their ongoing effort to optimize the performance and security of the platform.

Mansystems offers a load testing service specifically for Mendix, might be interesting for you https://www.mansystems.com/smart-digital-factory/tooling/load-testing