Microflow between Inventory and purchase order

I would like to change the status of a purchase (import) when I change the amount (trigger by change mf) in my inventory.  they are not related to eachother directly and are not in the same entity. ‚Äčthe status of the purchase is an enumeration. the amount in my inv is a integer. What are my options to solve this?
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There must be some relationship between the 2 entities, for example an attribute that you can use to search for the purchase based on something like a productid. Then yoou can retrieve this information with a icroflow via a retrieve from database actiion with an xpath like [$attribute_ofpurchase = $inventory/attribute_ofInventory]

Once you have the purchase you can change this by means of other activities in a microflow.

Adding an association wouold be a easier proces to implement this feature.