How to integrate kafka in mendix

Hi, I have downloaded 2 modules from App store like Kafka and Kafka connector in the navigation I have added producer, consumer, and server. How to config this? , what is the next step to integrate with Mendix. How to communicate between producer to consumers? Advice on this. Thanks in advance. Modules used: Kafka Kafka connector Library logging Mendix version – 7.23.6
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Hi Ragul,


You should only use one of the modules not both kafka and kafka connector. I’d say use the Kafka module as this is the newest and most complete module.


You can use any Mendix version higher than 7.23.6, it doesn’t have to be that version. For example it works the same with 8.0.


You’re probably having issues because you have two conflicting modules in the project. Here is some more information on configuring the kafka module:







Is there any project to use as an example to integrate Kafka in Mendix?, I’m having some issues with the connection to a Kafka cloud service (Confluent).


Thanks in advance!!