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I've got a question. Imagine having a page that lets you enter your contact details, but also having a little button that adds another set of rows to add more contact details.  That's what I want, a button to add some more rows with text and attributes.  Does anyone have an idea of how that works?  Or if it is even possible? Thanks in advance
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Hi Teun,

I made a project with a part of your domain model. Ronald is right if you want more artikelen by a supplier. But for your question I made something:

If you take the leverancier as page object and have a listview for your InkoopOrder, you can add as much InkoopOrders as needed and see them in the listview. The button does simply this:

By refreshing the leverancier, your page is refreshed and your list as well. When you want to commit the list, just retrieve all inkooporders by leverancier and commit the list and the leverancier. The first time when you open the page you should have a leverancier and create 1 InkoopOrder object so you have one form to fill out.

Hope this helps.


Hi Teun,

I think that there are two possible solutions. If you have an domain model with an entity say ‘Person’ with an entity ‘Contact details’ linked to it, you can say that one person can have multiple Contact detail objects. For example someone can have two addresses so you get two objects with attributes address, zip code, etc. Before you go to the form you create 1 object of contact details that is linked to the person, and on your page you have a button with add another address (for example), when that button is pressed, you call a microflow that creates another object of contact details and link this to the person. In the page you have a list view of Contact details so you can list the objects by a person.


If you want to use 1 object, then you need to determine what the maximum number of rows is and for every row create an attribute that becomes visible when you press the button. But this method has a limit of course.


Hope this helps. Otherwise, could you give me more context on what you are trying to achieve?

Good luck, Lisa


Hi Lisa, unfortunately I would need some more info, I can't get it to work right now. 
I'll attach a picture of what I have. The Extra artikel button needs to add the "Artikel nummer", "Incdicatiekeuringseisen", Kwantiteit and the "Artikel naam" rows. 

I hope this info helps you a little more.

Attached are pictures from my domain model and my page.

Thanks again!



Hi Teun,

You can email me: l.vandeput@egalit.nl

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Thanks for the response Lisa, I guess I am just not good enough with Mendix to get it to work.
Is it an option for me to send you my file, so you can tell me what's wrong and how I need to fix this?

Thanks for all the help!