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Placeholders in snippets


It would be nice to define placeholders in snippets. So there is room inside the snippet for the caller of the snippet to do extra stuff. Sometimes I create almost duplicate pages/snippets only because there needs to be a button somewhere between the rest of the snippet.

As an extra it would be nice, inside that placeholder, to be able to use the context of the caller of the snippet as a parameter for a microflow.

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this sound a lot like the idea for “building blocks2”

where you have the placeholders like in layouts where you can add page specific elements.

also having the ability to update the building blocks in a central location.

I also think tools such as Figma do a great job of what you can or cant change in an “instance” of an asset.


Also please allow islands inside of the placeholder. example, snippet has a placeholder. And that placeholder has an island where the original snippet can continue to add stuffs.


yes this would be handy!


Do something with this! 3 months ago, someone requested the same, it is still wanted so bad!


By doing so, Snippets could almost turn into whole blocks of functionality and yes, please do that. 

We work with a lot of manual components and prefer to use list views with our own filters, instead of datagrids. A layout grid, a few containers and some classes that every time have to be copied. If we could just reuse the same snippet and use different input fields, then everything would be so much easier and our product must more consistent with our more effort. 


Excellent idea, this would be very useful for certain projects!