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Provide option to handle remaining enumeration values on exclusive split


I know that with the exclusive split we can handle multiple enumeration values with a common action, but with large enumerations, the microflow can become messy and unreadable. If there are multiple values that are either handled in a common way or can just be ignored, it would be nice to have a "remaining values" option available after we've handled the necessary enumeration values in the microflow.

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Andrej's comment were exactly my thoughts. In Java this is easy.

It would be nice if you could mark one of the value flows as default, in a similar way you can set a flow as error handler (when using custom error handling).


If you like this idea (I do), you will also like this one


Instead of

You will get this:


Regardless of the chosen approach, a similar one needs to be set for the Inheritance split


Great idea!

But it should be an option somehow. I still want an error when changing an enumeration that is used on an exclusive split.

Maybe the outgoing flow should be able to hold more then 1 option, with a select screen similar to the conditional visibility selection. And off course avoiding duplicates.

  setColor(Color c) {
     switch(c) {
        case RED: setColorHex("#F00"); return;
        case GREEN: setColorHex("#0F0"); return;
        default: return; //does nothing

The default statement is common in many languages see the example in java.  Very easy to use and convenient.

Any plans to implement this @Mendix?




Same problem with large enumeration values. the code is messy at the end...