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DataGrid2 - add filters and reset to Personalizations


We're using the Data Grid 2 (add-on) for our current project.  We’ve just enabled Personalizations and it’s working great so far.  It seems like the Personalization currently saves the column visibility, column width and order. 

We'd like to request that two new features get added to the Data Grid 2 Personalizations.  First, when someone types text into a filtering field of the DataGrid2, we'd like that "filter" to be saved along with the other Personalization settings. Second, we'd like to request a Reset Personalization button or link by added to the DataGrid2 which would delete the persisted Personalized settings and reset the Data Grid 2 to its original settings/view/configuration.

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I totally agree with the Reset Feature, that would be very helpful. There is also an other question to do so .

The other feature with the Filter Fields, you can already do with the Configuration /Personalization (see, e.g. by using the Column Filters and save every Filter in a special attribute of the same entity you use for the configuration.