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Debug multiple instance applications


I'd like to be able to debug applications with multiple instances. Currently if I want to debug such an app, I have to change it to 1 instance > debug > change it back.

I really want my test environment to be similar to the prod one, so leaving it on 1 instance is not an option for me.

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I submitted a ticket about this before and Mendix advised to scale back the number of instances to 1. That basically kills performance for the app so it can only be done in off-hours. It is not a longterm solution…

The documentation does say debugging in MxCloud v4 with multiple instances is not supported. So definitely an idea rather than bug report.


Also having a soak- and a performance-environment, this is not crucial, but it will be of good use every now and then.  


Ok. Not a bug.


The documentation says that it is not supported.


I don’t even think that this is a feature request. It is a bug report.