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Domain Model Drawing improvements


For easing maintaining complex Domain Models I like to have the some improvements for the Domain Model drawing/displaying capabilities, inspired by the great drawing features available in the Microflow drawings, to improve readability.


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another Idea I just raised when I run into a problem that I had an association that cannot be selected to move the line to a different part on the entity:

Can perhaps be combined with the idea’s raised in this idea?


Submitted the same question in feedback recently for resizing the width of entity boxes but the feedback is gone now. Fully agree with the requests above and voted for it.


Thanks for your input Alexander, Icon’s for datatypes is even a better idea.

With the option to Hide attributes I mean that I want to have a choice.
If at Entity level I can just check a box to Show (default) or Hide, would be great in my view, certainly for Entities with more attributes than can show on screen, I would just like to show a bigger resized box without attributes. Still allowing to double click on it to see & manage the attributes.


Resizing the width of Entity Boxes
Resizing the Entities would be really helpful indeed.

Hide Attributes 
I cannot agree on this one. For me this would be more confusing. 

Hide Datatypes
Maybe instead of displaying the attribute type as text, change it to meaningful icons, eg. 123 for Integer, $ for decimal etc.