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Add Testing and Review as Story Statuses


The current statuses ‘To-do’ , ‘Running’ and ‘Done’ are limiting overview of the Stories in Sprintr.

Adding Testing and Review status as they are really common in Scrum for software development.

This is not included in the new Sprintr UI.

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Thanks Erwin! 

I would love to see more advanced features as well.
Especially assigning of a team member to a story would be really helpful.

But I don't see Sprintr Stories as an alternative for Jira or other SaaS tools.
The benefit of Stories in Mendix is mostly for small teams for who the big Scrum tools are too heavy.


Like this option, but would suggest to go a bit further and allow for defining your own statuses and order.

And when we’re at it why not allow the stories to be assigned to a user, I always find it usefull to know who’s working on what story.

This would enhance the usability of Sprintr quite a bit.

You got my vote!