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Enumeration Caption for Export Mapping


When mapping an enumeration attribute in an export mapping, it’d be great to have the option to export the caption for that enum value instead of the internal key.

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@Boris Could you explain more in detail how you do this?


@Joost: I create a JAVAACTION (unfortunately one for every enumeration) that takes the enum_key as input and a locale string and returns the language instance of the caption….


@Joost Sometimes yes. For example when the Caption is a friendly name for a thing, the special character replacement done by the runtime to name the internal keys makes the values harder for the consumer to process. I think it would make sense to have the option to export the caption per enumeration attribute (you’re certainly right that not all enums would make sense to translate) with a “default language” to fall back on if the language is not specified, or even a way to provide the language as an additional request param i.e. &lang=en_US


I guess you currently write a conversion microflow that does this?

If you export the caption, it will change based on the user’s language. Do you want that?