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Customization settings in the modeler


It would be very handy if the modeler had a settings-page to make the modeler more customizable to the needs of different end users. I have listed a couple of examples which would help us tremendously in our day-to-day tasks:

  1. Ability to change default Group digits to ‘Yes’

    We nearly always use Group digits. For us, it's pretty annoying that we have to manually change the group digits to ‘yes’ every time we create forms and grids with decimal-attributes.
  2. Ability to change default setting to non-localize when creating date-attributes

    We almost never make use of Localized date attributes. Again, it would be very nice for us if the default settings would be non-localized instead of localized.
  3. Possibility to change default pre and post-fixes when creating actions like lists, objects and iterations:

    In our company we have a couple of naming conventions. For instance, when retrieving a list of objects, we replace the standard <ObjectName>List with lst<ObjectName>. When retrieving an object we prefix the objectname with ‘ref’. When creating an iteration we replace Iterator<ObjectName> with itr<ObjectName>:

    It would be very nice if these pre and postfixes can be customized.




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