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Custom domain SSL certificate: auto-renewal support


We currently host three environments on, all of which have custom domains set up with SSL/TLS certificates. It would be a great help to have the ability to automatically renew these certificates prior to expiration.

Our certs are from which uses their ACMEv2 API ( to allow for automatic domain verification and certificate renewal.  This is supported via a large number of clients as shown in the above link, although primarily for unmanaged IIS or Exchange servers.

Since is a managed host, the common ways of using these client tools are not available to us.

However, we have other custom domains pointing to managed resources in Microsoft Azure which allow custom automation scripts to update these SSL certificates.  It would be a great feature to have similar functionality built into our custom domains and sites hosted here with Mendix.




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Definitely a must! Configuring an SSL certificate manually is like the stone age 😉