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Use the logic of nanoflows in microflows and vice versa


ok, so microflows are run serverside in java and nanoflows are run clientside in javascript, so therefore technically you cannot call a nanoflow in a microflow, but this idea is about reusing the logic of a nanoflow in a microflow (and vice versa).

Consider the following scenario:

We have clientside validation, checking if a certain inputfield is valid cf. certain rules and logic. For a better performance and user experience, this logic is in a nanoflow, which is set as an on change on the input field.

Now, on save, we want do this same validation. But the save action is a microflow, so I either have to duplicate my logic, or I have to convert my on change nanoflow to a microflow. Both options are not ideal.

So basically, I think when creating logic in a sub flow, it shoudn't really matter whether it is a nanoflow or microflow, it is generic logic which I should be able to call from either a microflow or nanoflow.

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This could be achieved by adding a Rules processor to the client side runtime, that way you can use Rules as a way to set up the validation and then use that in your nanoflow and your microflow.