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Deactivate web modeler in project


It’s easy to enable the web modeler (Mx Studio) in a project. However, if somebody does this by accident there is no way to disable this. 

  1. It is in some cases really unwanted that changes are made in the web modeler in a project due to the complexity. 
  2. In our project we receive frequest errors related to the web modeler. 
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Released in Mx 8.5


Great Idea. Even if I don’t want to disagree with Tim, I think if you have the option to turn it on you should have the option to turn it off.

By the way, on specific modeler versions, Mendix support suggested to turn it off (You can’t do this on your own but they can do it for you).


Mendix Studio is a tool that is available to citizen developers to play with the project and define new requirements. Connecting the Mendix Studio to a specific branch from where commits can get cherry-picked into the mainbranche (or any other branch), can save lots of time and effort, prevent a lot of misunderstandings and increase the project’s delivery-speed. Instead of closing down Mendix Studio, we should aim for learning how to handle this new tool.

Having said that, I agree with this idea to have the option not to use it.


Great point! I had the same intention based on the result of this forum thread: